The Microsoft Surface Updates Are Basically An iPhone S

The Microsoft Surface Updates Is Basically An iPhone S

Today on the show we talk about everything that happened at the Microsoft Surface event. We even talk about the HP event from Monday. We talk about the Surface still not having USB-C and why Microsoft release headphones would when they killed Groove Music not too long ago and the fact they don’t work with Xbox. We talk about Windows 10 1809 update and much more…

Today We Talk About

  • New Microsoft Surface Hardware
  • HP Releases The New Spector
  • Microsoft Now Sells Surface Headphones
  • Microsoft Releases The October Windows 10 1809 Update Early
  • We get A Look at New Screen Mirroring Feature with Android and Windows 10
  • Microsoft Unveils Surface All Access
  • We Talk About Windows 10 1809 Issues

And Much More….

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